"Quality is everyone's responsibility and is achieved through continuous improvement."

At Huikai Scaffolding, we are committed to quality in every step of the scaffold manufacturing process. All the steel/ Aluminum we use comes with mill certifications, but we don't stop there. We use an independent lab to verify that all steel/ aluminum arriving in our factories meets or exceeds the appropriate ASTM/ANSI/GB specifications.


In addition, Huikai Scaffolding evaluates ongoing continuous improvement programs to encourage overall manufacturing improvement opportunities as well as customer-specific application improvements. We also working closely with our suppliers to ensure that only materials of highest quality is approved for manufacturing. 


Huikai Scaffolding provides extensive classroom and on-the-job training for all members of our factory team. Our welding procedures were written by an independent professional engineer, and are qualified by testing at independent labs.


During production, our product integrity tests assure that everything feasible is done to make Huikai scaffolding among the safest and most reliable on the market.


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